Marie Dean (U.K.)

Marie Dean, formerly known as Gary Dean Marie, is a man who identifies as a transgender woman. In 2009, he was convicted of over 30 offenses, “including voyeurism, aggravated burglary, and assaulting police officers” and breaking into several homes and filming himself “wearing the underwear belonging to teenage girls.” Following his conviction, Dean was sentenced to an “indeterminate sentence for public protection,” which he has been serving at HMP Preston, a men’s prison.
In a letter dated January 17, Dean wrote to friends about how he’s feeling “dehumanised” by the prison’s refusal to recognize him as a woman, describing his experience in prison as a “nightmare,” and declaring that he “would rather die than be denied” his chosen gender. He is refusing food in protest at being held in a men’s prison without access to “hair straighteners, epilator or any makeup.”
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