Deon "Strawberry" Hampton (USA)

Deon “Strawberry” Hampton, a 26-year-old man who identifies as a transgender woman, is seeking a transfer from the men’s prison where he is serving a 10-year sentence for burglary to a women’s prison.
Hampton alleges he is unable to “comfortably represent” himself as female, citing the fact that he is not permitted to wear is hair or nails long, and that said inability to “represent” as female has been “devastating physiologically.” He additionally alleges the guards and fellow inmates singled him out for “brutal treatment” at both prisons in which he has been detained.
A U.S. magistrate judge will conduct a hearing to help the court determine whether to grant the transfer requisition. The hearing is expected to last several days and focus on “Hampton’s gender identity and on whether [he] could pose a risk to female inmates if moved.”
Placing a male inmate in an all-female facility would violate the civil rights of every woman incarcerated there under the UN’s Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.

Transgender Chicago inmate seeks rare transfer to female prison