Sarah (Anthony) Fadich (USA)

Sarah (formerly known as Anthony) Fadich is a man who identifies as a woman who claims his ex-wife “continues to boldly and maliciously use her incorrect name and pronouns causing tremendous confusion and distress to the kids.” He filed a motion seeking to compel her to use “correct and legal name and gender pronouns” when referring to him, which the court denied, citing her first amendment right to free speech. He then filed a second motion, again seeking to force his ex-wife to validate his gender identity, claiming “the only way to fight this abuse, discrimination, and injustice is to take the battle to the court room and hold the legal system accountable.”

Additionally, he’s seeking to use his position as a veteran and a transgender “mother” to fundraise his “fight to simply observe [his] custodial parental rights” and making the absurd assertion that his “kids’ emotional and psychological safety” is in jeopardy because they are not forced to refer to him as their “mother.” Apparently he thought it would be appropriate to post their photo on the internet and make public accusations against their mother (such as blaming her for “psychologically manipulating” them, “prevent[ing]their healing, prolong[ing] their suffering, and ensur[ing] that they harbor bitterness and blame towards Sarah”) in an attempt to raise money to fund his lawsuit. Shameful.





One thought on “Sarah (Anthony) Fadich (USA)

  1. This is complete BS and I hope the court in this county denies his motion. Should modify the parenting plan to bar him from demanding that the children call him “mother,” as he is not. Strict rules about what constitutes parental alienation in his parenting plan so the real mother can seek sanctions and ask for supervised parenting time if it continues. This wave of mental illness should not be ratified by the court!

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