Paris Valeta Bregazzi (UK)

Paris Valeta Bregazzi, a 30-year-old man who identifies as a transgender woman, shoved a police officer onto the train tracks at Hanger Lane Station in Ealing, west London on July 17 after he asked Bregazzi to “calm down” and stop “abusing other commuters.” The officer promptly arrested Bregazzi, who told police he “had downed four bottles of Prosecco and taken drugs during a wild night out.”
Bregazzi, who already has 40 prior convictions for assault, harassment, and shoplifting, including former attacks on train staff and passengers, “was detained in a male prison before pleading guilty to one count of doing an unlawful act on a railway with intent to endanger a person.”
At trial, defence barrister Mustapha Hakme claimed Bregazzi “is one surgery away from fully transitioning” and that his “mental health issues had been ‘exacerbated’ by [his] being transgender.” Hakme also explained that as a result of being transgender, Bregazzi “has been left full of anger and at the same time sadness.”
Judge Jeremy Dein released Bregazzi on bail, explaining he was “concerned” Bregazzi was held in custody “in very difficult circumstances,” and deferred sentencing until February. The offense carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Transgender woman shoved police officer on to train tracks after he asked her to stop abusing other commuters