Up to Half of Trans Inmates May Be Sex Offenders (U.K.) @fairplaywomen

Fair Play for Women, “an informal collective (mostly British) with urgent concerns about women’s rights & freedoms,” released a report concluding “that approximately half of the known transgender population in prison are either sex offenders and/or highly dangerous prisoners.”

According to the abstract, “No official figures are currently available regarding the number or type of convictions of trans-identifying male inmates in the prisons of England and Wales. This information is necessary to enable an accurate risk assessment of the impact of proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 on the women’s prison population. Using publicly available prison inspection reports, we searched for all references to transgender inmates and were able to identify at least 113 trans-identifying male inmates (people born male who identify as transgender).”

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The Sunday Times reports, “Despite the imprecision of the figures, it appears likely, therefore, that between a third and a half of all England and Wales’s transgender prisoners — Fair Play for Women states 41% — are sex offenders. That compares with a proportion of 17% in the prison population as a whole.”

Read the full report here: Investigation into the number of trans-identifying males in prison in England and Wales and their offender profiles

Up to half of trans inmates may be sex offenders — The Sunday Times