Heather Dunn (USA)

On November 15, the Iowa State University College Republicans impeached Heather Dunn by a majority vote following allegations of sexual assault and harassment in violation of the Iowa State Code of Conduct.
“College Republicans argued that the sexual assault and harassment allegations, as defined by the Iowa State Code of Conduct, occurred at a party attended by its members in Adel, Iowa on Oct. 27.”
Dunn argues there is “plenty of evidence from testimony from members of this organization that the reason behind these phony allegations is because of the fact that I am transgender,” and that the accusations are slanderous, “outright lies.” Dunn also stated, “I was under the impression when I came out that the College Republicans were actually accepting of me. It looks like I was wrong.”
“Dunn said she intends to report the impeachment to the Office of Equal Opportunity on the grounds of discrimination and false accusations.”

College Republicans ousts transgender woman on sexual assault allegations — Iowa State Daily