Ja Du (USA)

Ja Du is a white man from Florida (also known as Adam) who identifies as a Filipino woman. He states, “Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin.”

He recently started a support group on Facebook for others who identify as “transracial.”

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According to Du, “I think things that make no sense to most people make sense to us on an individual level in almost every person, like a swelling feeling you feel when you listen to dramatic music … It’s all sound and vibration but something in it relates to your soul on such a subconscious level that you connect with it and [that’s] how I feel about the Filipino culture.”

“In addition to taking what she claims is a Philippine name, Ja Du says she enjoys Philippine food and music and feels most intrigued by TV shows on Philippine culture. She also drives a purple motorized rickshaw that she calls a “tuk-tuk.””

Du’s public announcement of  his “transracial” identity has been met with a mixture of criticism and support, but mostly criticism because identifying with something one is clearly, objectively not is absurd. Right? Oh wait.

“I welcome the attention greatly,” says Ja Du, surprising no one.


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