The Kentish Gazette (UK) @KentishGazette

On October 5, the Kentish Gazette published an article titled discussing convicted rapist Jessica Winfield, a.k.a. Martin Ponting, in it’s Harry Bell column, a section of the newspaper “which uses a pseudonym to cover topics in a more informal way.”
Of course, the column was shared on the internet where people decided it was “transphobic” and so the newspaper issued a retraction and an apology stating the “column did get it wrong – badly wrong” and promising to “rebuild links with those upset by last week’s column and will ensure we learn from our mistake.”
Further, “Editor Bob Bounds and reporter Alex Claridge are understood to be facing disciplinary proceedings as a result of the piece, which could lead to their compulsory dismissals.”
The column in full is reproduced in this article: Kentish Gazette editor and reporter suspended over column on transgender issues which ‘got it badly wrong.’