Andrew Balcer (USA)

Andrew Balcer is an 18-year-old male who murdered his parents in October 2016, when he was 17 years old, because he claims he “always felt like a woman and not a man” and “did not believe his parents would be supportive.”

Balcer has been held at the Long Creek Youth Development Center since he murdered his parents, where he asked the staff to call him Andrea, and where he was supplied with “female clothing.” Upon hearing he might be tried as an adult and transferred to an adult facility, he asked to be referred to as Andrew instead of Andrea.

Following a two-day hearing, District Court Judge Eric Walker ruled on November 2 that Balcer will be tried as an adult, citing his “total lack of remorse or guilt.”

Additionally, Walker stated “The only possible motive for the murders appears to be Andrew’s perception that his parents were unwilling or unable to deal with his transgender issues. We will never know if Antonio or Alice Balcer would have been accepting, because they were ambushed and murdered by Andrew.”

His brother, Christopher, disputes the claim that his parents would not have been supportive of Andrew, saying “any statements made that somehow this family would have been anything less than the most supportive is an utter falsehood.”

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