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On October 28, members from a feminist group called Mayday 4 Women attended the London Anarchist Bookfair, where they were shouted down and “attacked physically” at the door for being “transphobic.”

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Mayday 4 Women distributed several fliers at the event, which were of course determined to be “transphobic” and “terf hatred.”

The flier discusses the proposed changes to the Equality Act of 2010 which would make “gender identity” a protected characteristic under the law, which would “legally redefine what a woman is. Instead of ‘adult human female’ a woman will be ‘anyone who says they are’ — including men.”
It correctly points out that “removing women’s legal right to name men as men removes our boundaries and ability to enforce them. THIS IS RAPE CULTURE.” 
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WHO BENEFITS?! Another great question, who benefits from making sure women don’t get to distribute these fliers (i.e. ideas) to each other? Hm? Is it men? Oh right, it’s men.
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In 2017, it’s “phobic” to discuss female biology, women’s rights, and the erasure of lesbians, because questioning gender identity ideology is “phobic” and “hatred.” LOL.
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Right, shout out, because telling women to shut up when discussing women’s rights and concerns is so revolutionary… oh wait.
Activists from a group called SAGES also brought a flier to distribute at the event, which can be read in full here.
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The fact sheet discusses proposed changes to the Equality Act of 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act of 2004.  It highlights the proposed changes, namely that “the need for a medical diagnosis should be removed” to make “legal gender changes easier for trans-identifying people,” and that “gender reassignment” in the Equality Act should be changed to “gender identity.” The fact sheet also discusses the potential impacts on women, children, gay and lesbian people, and trans-identified people. It concludes:

“The Sex and Gender Ethics Society believes that trans-identifying people should have the right to live their lives how they want, with full protection from abuse and discrimination and the provision of sensitive, appropriate services. But other sections of society, especially women and children, lesbians and gay men, deserve equal consideration, and the proposed changes to the law do not achieve this balance. We call for equal consideration of the rights, safety, dignity, and protection of all of these groups.”

It is unsurprising, yet still disappointing, that women’s activism is considered “phobic” and “hateful” to men. Nothing new here, same old misogyny, same old garbage.
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