Wright v. Peters (USA)

On October 18, the ACLU of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Corrections reached a settlement in their lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Oregon on behalf of Michelle Wright, a man who identifies as a woman.  Wright was convicted of attempted armed robbery in 2013, and has remained in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections since that time.
Wright’s complaint alleged that he had “requested medically necessary care, including hormone therapy, nearly 100 times to treat [his] gender dysphoria,” and that as a “direct result” of the denial of these requests, he had “repeatedly attempted suicide and engaged in acts of self-harm, including three attempts at auto-castration over the last year.”
The settlement agreement awards Wright $167,500 in damages; attorney’s fees in the amount of $100,000; state-funded hormone treatments; access to “feminizing” apparel (specifically bras and underwear), canteen items (specifically flat irons and curling irons), and an electric razor; and the possibility of transfer to a women’s prison.
Wright Settlement Agreement and Release of Claims

Transgender Inmate Settles Oregon Lawsuit Over Medical Care