Wolfgang Schmidt, also known as the “Beast of Beelitz” (a name he earned after he murdered five women, several of whom he sexually assaulted, and a baby in Brandenburg between 1989 and 1991) and the “Pink Giant” (due to his height and affinity for pink underwear), is a violent man who identifies as a woman.

Wolfgang Schmidt wears a bikini, hangs his laundry up to dry in the clinic’s garden
Beelitz murderer is already looking for a lover
His transformation into a woman costs 25,000 Deutschmark.
BRANDENBURG/HAVEL – Wolfgang Schmidt (30) has overslept again. When the six-time murderer stalked into the breakfast room on Ward 4 of the Brandenburg/Havel mental hospital on high-heeled shoes, wearing a knee-length red skirt and a black blouse, the table was empty. His eleven fellow inmates hadn’t left any of the cornflakes, milk, bread rolls, jam and coffee.
“He completely loses it in situations like that,” says Karl-Heinz Puschmann (35)*, who shares the hospital’s ward for murderers, manslayers, rapists and extortionists with the Beelitz murderer. “Then he puts on his NVA [National People’s Army of the German Democratic Republic, of which Brandenburg was a part for most of Schmidt’s life] combat gear and boots, screams, slams doors and waves around a breakfast knife.”
Wolfgang Schmidt, who strangled, struck or stabbed dead five women and a baby between 1989 and 1991, always wearing pink ladies’ underwear, has been restless for months, has been growing more irritable and unpredictable all the time. Fellow inmate Karl-Heinz Puschmann knows why: “Wolfgang’s transition is delayed. The health insurance provider is refusing to pay DM25,000 for his hormone treatment and several operations.” He would need up to three operations, which can take up to two years. “He is already looking for a lover,” says Karl-Heinz Puschmann. “He is ordering porn magazines with classifieds.”
The Beelitz murderer is also a regular customer of the sex mail order Beate Uhse: he has ordered plastic breasts and wears lace underwear, skirt and blouse every day.” A perm crinkles Wolfgang Schmidt’s now shoulder-length, dark blond hair. Karl Heinz Puschmann: “He ordered custom-made size 13 high-heels from the mail order, uses the perfume ‘Venice’ or ‘Orchid’, powders his face, paints his lips.” As a woman Wolfgang Schmidt doesn’t attend work therapy like the other inmates of the ward between 8 and 11.30 a.m. and 12.30 to 3 p.m. “He doesn’t care for crafts and wood shop,” says Karl-Heinz Puschmann. “He does laundry and tends to his garden. He has planted roses, chrysanthemums and kohlrabi.”
Nobody from outside the clinic wants to see the Beelitz murderer. He never receives mail and hardly ever has visitors. His fiancée Christina Thiele (24) ended the relationship. His mother Erika Schmidt has never been here, his father Fritz Schmidt (52) visits him once a year.
Original German text by Bettina Dittmann, Berliner Kurier online, 12 August 1996 http://www.berliner-kurier.de/archiv/wolfgang-schmidt-traegt-einen-bikini–im-garten-der-klinik-hat-er-waesche-aufgehaengt–beelitz-moerder-sucht-schon-einen-geliebten,8259702,7300912.html
(*Name changed)
He killed five women and a baby: the sex offender and murderer Wolfgang Schmidt has been detained in a Brandenburg mental hospital for 22 years. Now the conditions of his detention have been significantly eased.
He is the ‘Beast of Beelitz’: Wolfgang Schmidt. In November 1992, he was sentenced to an accumulated prison term of 15 years. Schmidt killed five women between the ages of 36 and 66, after abusing several of them, and a baby. He beat the child against a tree stump.
When Wolfgang Schmidt from Rädel near Beelitz was given into police custody in the summer of 1991, he seemed relieved. The public attorney’s office would later call him cooperative. The 24-year-old crane operator confessed to having assaulted two 12-year-old girls and having injured them with a knife. He confessed to the murder of five women between the ages of 36 and 66, several of whom he abused sexually. He confessed hitting the baby of one of his victims against a tree stump.
Wolfgang Schmidt, 46, went down in German criminal history as the ‘Beast of Beelitz’. And because the man who killed in the forests and hidden parks near the Brandenburg town between 1989 and 1991 is about six foot three and has a preference for pink underwear, the tabloids called him ‘the Pink Giant.’
His fellow inmates in the Brandenburg clinic call him ‘Babsi.’ Wolfgang Schmidt, who actually calls himself ‘Beate’ and takes female hormones, has been there for 22 years. “Don’t ever let me out of here,” he said to Bild newspaper three years ago. He sees himself as unpredictable.
Memories of the Schmökel case
‘Bild’ reported on Tuesday that the forensic institution has eased the conditions of Wolfgang Schmidt’s detention. Schmidt, whose walks were previously confined to a walled-in courtyard, may now move around the freely accessible grounds of the clinic under supervision. When asked for comment by ‘Welt’, the Potsdam Health Ministry stressed that they may provide no information on individual patients but did not deny the reports either.
Claims that the walks through the clinic’s grounds are the lead-up to his imminent release are premature, however. Every inmate has the right to apply for easement of their conditions. If the medical director of a forensic institution concludes that granting the inmate’s request is justifiable, then such steps are taken.
Easements like this are common. But they entail great risks, as the case of Frank Schmökel demonstrated.
Day release prisoner injures mother and carer with knife
The convicted murderer and rapist had escaped from hospital treatment detention several times on ‘supervised day releases’. When he was permitted a supervised visit with his mother in Strausberg in October 2000, he inflicted stab wounds on his mother and the supervising carer. A few weeks later he battered to death a 60-year-old man in an allotment garden and fled in the retiree’s car.
Schmökel was apprehended after a brief international search. Today he is a fellow inmate of Wolfgang Schmidt’s in Brandenburg/Havel.
In December 2002 there was a new scandal at such a facility. A 38-year-old sectioned at the Eberswalde forensic institution used a day release to molest two boys aged 10 and 12.
Wolfgang Schmidt called himself unpredictable
Does Wolfgang Schmidt have himself under control? How likely is he to take advantage of a situation or lose control? He himself said a few years ago that he could not prevent his crimes, couldn’t control himself.
Investigators had deemed the unknown serial killer paralyzing the people around Beelitz with his deeds to be severely mentally disturbed in 1991. Volker Kelm, leader of the task force, warned that the wanted “has little to no control over his actions.”
Wolfgang Schmidt wanted to be a girl since the age of three. His mother beat him when he took her lingerie as a little child, he said. His mother plays an important role. A psychologist said Schmidt killed his female victims as a substitute for killing her.
‘Pink Giant’ stood out as right wing extremist
“I’ve always been an honest soul,” ‘Bild’ quoted the serial killer three years ago, “a good-natured person.” That sounds a lot like a false self-assessment. Actually, Schmidt drew attention with extreme behaviors already during his school years.
He was xenophobic and a right wing extremist. When he celebrated Hitler’s 100th birthday during his army days, he was kicked out of the barracks. He drank too much, stole and brawled with his colleagues. But a murderer? One that even defiles dead bodies? Nobody would have thought that. His friends called him affable.
Two years ago, Wolfgang Schmidt was in the headlines again. He was said to have raped the transsexual fellow inmate Jens F., who calls himself Jasmin. His alleged victim tried to kill himself. The allegation of rape could not be proven.
Since then, there has been silence around the ‘Pink Giant’. We hope it stays that way.
Original German text by Claudia Becker in Die Welt, 16 July 2013 http://www.welt.de/vermischtes/weltgeschehen/article118105840/Der-Serienkiller-darf-sich-ein-bisschen-frei-bewegen.html
Did the Pink Giant strike again?
The Beast of Beelitz or the Pink Giant were his nicknames. Wolfgang Schmidt (43), who has started calling himself Beate, is Brandenburg’s worst serial killer. He killed five women and a baby. Now he is said to have raped and driven to suicide a fellow inmate [author used female noun] at the psychiatric clinic.
The alleged victim Jasmin F. (34) used to be a man. His name was Jens and he was sectioned in the clinic because he had raped a woman. The Pink Giant, as six-foot-three Schmidt was called due to his preference for pink ladies’ underwear, is said to have assaulted Jasmin F. in the communal showers. Both inmates were on the same ward. The incident is said to have been preceded by several more rapes. Furthermore, Schmidt allegedly psychologically coerced and threatened his victim. “We are investigating him for rape,” says Tom Köpping, spokesman of the Potsdam public prosecutor’s office. “So far we only have the statement of the alleged victim. The case still needs to be investigated.”
After the last sexual assault, Jasmin F. is said to have swallowed two razor blades to commit suicide on 22 August. Because she sent a text, she was discovered in time and saved. The Pink Giant murdered five women and defiled the dead bodies between 1989 and 1991 in Brandenburg. During one assault he killed his victim’s baby. He has been treated at the forensic clinic in Brandenburg (Havel) since 1992.
Original German text from BZ Berlin, 09 September 2010 http://www.bz-berlin.de/archiv/hat-der-rosa-riese-wieder-zugeschlagen-article972684.html