Williamston Community Schools Board of Education (USA)

Williamston Community Schools Board of Education (“WCS”) released a proposed policy regarding “Transgender and Non-Conforming Students,” which would authorize students to access sex-segregated spaces, such as restrooms and locker rooms, that “correspond to their gender identity.”  This policy would allow boys to access girls’ sex-segregated spaces if they “identify” as girls, and vice versa.  The policy would also allow WCS to withhold information regarding a child’s “transgender status” from parents, “unless the student approves it, the law requires it, or to prevent harm to the student.”
On October 2, more than 150 citizens gathered to discuss the proposed policy, in a meeting that lasted over four hours.  One concerned parent, Jonathan Brandt, opined, “I assert you desire to afford special protections to one group based on perceived social injustice of few at the expense of privacy and erosion of parental rights for all others.”

Although the school board did not vote on the proposed policy, they did vote to add “sexual identity,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” to the WCS non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.

The policy will be discussed by the policy committee October 3, and may be discussed and voted on by board members on October 16.
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Read the drafted policy below: