Action for Trans Health @edinburghath @act4transhealth Defends Violence Against Women (U.K.)

Edinburgh Action for Trans Health, “a local chapter of the national org, fighting for democratic access to health care and trans liberation,” published a series of tweets defending violence against women and comparing feminist women to Nazis.  The tweets assert the view that “violence against terfs is always self defense” regardless of who initiates the altercation.
These statements were made shortly following a violent incident in which a member of ATH, Tara Flik Wood, punched a woman, Maria MacLachlan, in the face because he didn’t agree with what MacLachlan had to say.  He is also active on Twitter, where prior to the violent encounter he posted “Any idea where/if this is happening. I wanna fuck some terfs up, they are no better than fash,” indicating he intended to commit violence against women when he attended the event.
Violence against women is never defensible, regardless of women’s opinions or any other fact.  There is no excuse for violence against women, ever.  The fact that “The UK’s largest campaign for democratic trans health care” publicly supports violence against women clearly indicates that trans activism is misogyny.
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