Lesbisk Bevegelse (Norway)

Norwegian lesbian organization Ny Lesbisk Bevegelse (New Lesbian Movement), formerly Lesbisk Forbund (Lesbian Federation), has recently been accused of “transphobia” and has submitted the following public statement in response:

Hi, Here is our official statement in English. Thanks for talking about it:-) Lesbisk Forbund (Lesbian Federation) has been accused of being hateful and transphobic after Tonje Gjevjon’s gender critical articles in Norwegian national media during the last six months, for discussing potential consequences of trans activism and the New Gender Identity Law. Trans activists’ name calling invalidates and blurs an important and timely discussion. We do acknowledge trans persons and their common rights, which are the same as we all have – regardless of sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. However, we separate from the LGBT (+) movement, especially regarding the definition of sex. From our perspective, sex is about biology. Most people are born female or male. Some people are born with undefined sex characteristics, they are usually assigned a sex at birth. Sex is objective, sex is the foundation of society’s power structures. Gender identity on the other hand, is subjective – and we recognize that gender identity does not always match a person’s sex. Increasingly, the LGBT (+) movement divides women into two groups: cis women and women. Hence, trans persons are the template of which so-called cis women deviate from. Our perspective is on the contrary that women who are born female are women. It all boils down to the existence of different understanding and different perspectives on sex and gender, and we believe that such inequalities must be acknowledged and recognized and that a debate and discussion should take place without threats and name calling.
Lesbisk Forbund is no longer a part of the LGBT (+) movement. We belong to the women’s movement, and we will work for women’s rights. Therefore, we are changing our name and organization – from Lesbisk Forbund (Lesbian Federation) to Ny Lesbisk Bevegelse (New Lesbian Movement). We will no longer be a member organization, but rather a network for lesbian women who sympathize with our political platform. We will contribute to visualization at a time when women in general, lesbian women in particular, are being made invisible.

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