another violent male who thinks he’s a woman

Tara Flik Wood is a man who identifies as a transgender woman. He’s the man who punched a 60yo woman, Maria MacLachlan, in the face as part of his protest against feminist women gathering to discuss the topic of gender at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.
It is worth noting that Wood was attempting to steal or destroy MacLachlan’s camera, which she was using to record the event. Angry at MacLachlan for questioning the protesters assertion that “TERFs” were “attacking,” and upset at her for recording the public protest in a public space, he punched her in the face and successfully broke her camera. Of course, someone else at the event videotaped the incident, in which Wood can be seen lunging at and battering MacLachlan.
It is also worth noting that he Tweeted before the event, saying “Any idea where/if this is happening. I wanna fuck some terfs up, they are no better than fash.” He went to the event with the intention to harm the women present there whose opinions did not conform to his own. Male violence, disguised as activism.
Tara Flik Wood punched a woman in the face because he disagreed with her opinion and her right to gather in public with others to discuss that opinion. Trans activism is misogyny. 
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