New Cross Learning a.k.a. New Cross People’s Library, “a community-run library, writing, arts and IT centre” in London, U.K. was planning to host a panel discussion titled “What is Gender: The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond” featuring panelists Julia Long and Miranda Yardley.

Predictably, some misogynists declared this event to be “transphobic,” described the panelists as “TERFs” (a slur, by the way), and quickly organized a protest.
Due to concerns regarding the health and safety of the volunteers, attendees, speakers, and the general public as well as concerns over the library and building itself following protest and threats by trans activists, New Cross Learning opted not to host the event. Once again, trans activists can pride themselves on their extreme misogyny, silencing of women’s voices and feminist ideas, and support of men’s right to call themselves women over women’s right to self definition. Shameful.
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Following New Cross Learning’s decision not to host the event, organizers moved the discussion to a new, unannounced location.
Interesting that these trans activists, who are very supportive of the idea of gender (like, they really love gender ok), are entirely unwilling to allow a dialogue on the meaning of gender to take place if they are not able to control the conversation, and therefore the ideas explored therein. What does that fact tell us about trans activism? What does it tell us about gender?
(Hint: men’s rights activism.)
Four trans activists beat up a 60-year-old woman in Hyde Park, the meeting place for the unpublicized new location of the scheduled dialogue:

this is a bunch of garbage.

Attempting to justify MALE VIOLENCE against women on the basis that women who are “TERFs” deserve to be subjected to said MALE VIOLENCE is a blatantly woman-hating showing of men’s rights activism. The fact that a woman understands that men are not women regardless of whether or not they say they are does not make it acceptable to hit her. There is no excuse for MALE VIOLENCE.
Following are the Action for Trans Health trustees:
Miranda Yardley uploaded this video from the event.
More footage of trans activists protesting Miranda Yardley at the event.

Trans Activists Violently Attack Women at Speakers Corner, London 13/09/2017

Here’s a video featuring certain clips in slow motion, and annotates the events.

Following is a series of tweets from someone who was at the event. Notice how this person defends the use of violence against a woman who referred to men as men (which by the way, isn’t inherently offensive). Notice how they attempt to disprove that they’re “horrible men” by acting like HORRIBLE MEN. Notice how everyone who disagrees is a “TERF” or a “bigot.” Notice how trans activism relies on MALE VIOLENCE to make women afraid to disagree.