Martha Harvey, Executive Director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region @CapitalPrideCtr (USA)

In June, Martha Harvey, executive director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region in Albany, NY, shared an article from Feminist Current titled, “Lesbianism is under attack, though not by the usual suspects” on the Pride Center’s Facebook page with the comment, “Interesting article. What do you think?”

The article discusses the historical erasure and abuse of lesbians, and criticizes the modern attack on lesbians “as the queer movement send lesbians the message that refusing to consider sex with somebody with a penis is bigoted.”

Unsurprisingly, men who seek to coerce lesbians into validating their identity as lesbians by sleeping with them (“transwomen”) were extremely offended by the act of offering an interesting article as a catalyst for dialogue on the Pride Center’s Facebook page, and immediately set about attacking the lesbian who dared promote such bigotry. It is worth mentioning that the article specifically refers to the fact that “lesbians who are not willing to consider transgender partners are labelled ‘TERFs,’ a term that means ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists’ and is too-often attached to violent threats,” which is again, unsurprisingly, what transpired following the sharing by Harvey of the aforementioned article.

Harvey was almost immediately attacked online transactivists who demanded she take down the article and demanded her resignation. Even after Harvey removed the link to the article from the Pride Center’s Facebook page and posted a lengthy apology, transactivists continued to demand her resignation, claiming she was “transphobic” and “unfit for the position.”

Feminist Current subsequently published an open letter in support of Martha Harvey, which astutely points out that much of the criticism and “targeted harassment and attacks Harvey has been subjected to, simply for sharing an article, are sadly not uncommon.” FC also highlights a statement that should be quite obvious but apparently requires a reminder:

“Pride centers represent lesbians, as well as other groups and individuals who are marginalized in a patriarchal, homophobic society. Not all of those groups and individuals are or should be in agreement about every issue. Certainly they are not all in agreement about the issue of gender identity and the question of what is a woman.”

Transactivists held a rally in Albany over the weekend calling for “Martha Harvey to resign and a new board put in place over claims they have marginalized certain community members, especially transgender women.” They also delivered a list of their demands to the Pride Center’s Board of Directors, who in response stated “The board of directors supports the executive director,” and that they have no intention to request her resignation or otherwise remove her from her position as executive director.

Here are some of the lesbian-hating individuals seeking to remove Harvey from her position as executive director of the Pride Center, which serves lesbians as part of its mission to serve LGBT community, for opening up a dialogue on an issue of tremendous importance to LESBIANS:




“Morgan” here suffers from male entitlement, despite identifying as a transgender “woman.”








LOL “Teela,” there’s no such thing as the “terf community” that’s a MALE FRAMING of lesbian feminist organizing. More male entitlement. Yawn.


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