Katie Elizabeth Irvine, a 32-year-old resident of Barrow-in-Furness, U.K., was convicted of harassment without violence after “set[ting] up a fake Facebook profile to send a string of expletive-ridden messages to Lucy English,” a man who identifies as a transsexual woman.
Irvine, who plead guilty to the charge and who is “also a member of the town’s LGBT community,” stated “I’ve got no idea why I’ve done this. She was just trying to get to my friends and I wanted to hurt her.”
Irvine was sentenced “on August 23 to 42 days in prison, suspended for 12 months.”  She is was also ordered “to avoid contact with the victim for two years” and to pay “a victim surcharge of £115 and £85 court costs.”

Barrow woman who harassed transsexual avoids jail — nwemail.co.uk