Roxane Gay @rgay (Internet)

Roxane Gay is a bisexual woman who spends her time on Twitter contributing to anti-lesbian conversations.  In response to a Tweet by Kat Blaque, a man who identifies as a woman and who spends his time harassing lesbians for being lesbians, Gay suggested Blaque “slap” Arielle Scarcella, a lesbian blogger.


Lesbians don’t need non-lesbians telling us what lesbian sexuality is, framing lesbian sexuality as bigoted, or speaking for us at all, ever.  We don’t need “queer feminists” telling us there’s something wrong with being a lesbian.  We certainly don’t need bisexual women like Roxane Gay (who previously “identified as a lesbian even though she was still attracted to men”) encouraging violence against lesbians on the basis that we’re lesbians.

Shut up about lesbians, Roxane, you don’t speak for us.

Women on Twitter were quick to recognize and address Gay’s blatant lesbian-hating and homophobic remarks for the garbage they are.  See Claire’s excellent post on her award-winning blog, Sister Outrider, titled “Dear Roxane – An Open Letter on Queer Feminism & Lesbophobia” for more on this topic.