Shauna Smith (USA)

In July 2016 Shauna Smith, a man who identifies as a transgender woman, entered an Target store in Ammon, Idaho and used an iPhone to film an 18-year-old woman while she tried on swimsuits in the fitting room.  The victim’s mother confronted him during the incident and he immediately fled on foot, but was later arrested following review of the surveillance footage and interviews with witnesses.
In October 2016 Smith pled guilty to “felony video voyeurism by installing or permitting the use of an imaging device without mutual consent.”  In January 2017 he was sentenced to two to five years in prison (and his request for 24 hours prior to incarceration was denied) and added to the sex offender registry.
According to the victim,  who “remains terrified of public restrooms and dressing rooms for fear that someone will invade her privacy again,” “I never thought this would happen. I always supported the transgender community, but I felt a little betrayed.”

Transgender voyeur sentenced to prison —