Kristen McKay (Canada)

Kristen McKay, a man who identifies as a transgender woman, filed a complaint with the P.E.I. Human Rights Commission “alleging she was refused service at a local salon because of her transgender status.”
McKay claims he went in to Carrie’s Esthetic Salon in Charlottetown to get his nails and makeup done, and for makeup lessons, but was told the salon didn’t serve men.  When McKay argued that he’s a transgender woman, not a man, and was still refused service, he got upset and “filed a complaint with P.E.I. Human Rights Commission and went to the media with her story.”  McKay stated, “I felt like I was a piece of garbage. I was worthless,” illustrating entitlement and his hurt feelings.
“It is discrimination. I’m a human being. I have rights and people should know what people’s rights are and if you’re going to run a business you should know what rights are,” said McKay.
According to the salon owner Carrie MacFayden, who is also the salon’s only employee, she refused service because she did not feel safe alone with McKay, who “is often standing or sitting on the street where MacFadyen parks her car.”  Her uneasiness regarding McKay was confirmed when he entered her shop demanding service and left yelling because she wouldn’t give him what he wanted.
In a written statement following the incident, MacFayden stated, “It is unfortunate that the situation is being referred to as a transgender issue when the only issue is about my safety. I have absolutely no issues with transgender people and support their cause.”

Transgender woman files human rights complaint alleging discrimination at salon —