Randy Robert Stair (USA)

Randy Robert Stair, a 24-year old resident of Dallas, PA, shot and killed three of his co-workers before killing himself at the grocery store near Scranton, PA, where they all worked together.
Stair, also known online as Andrew Blaze, left behind “an enormous online cache of videos, documents and social media posts” detailing his plans, including discussing his two shotguns, which he named “Mackenzie and Rachel after characters in YouTube videos he created, and lays out in exacting detail how he will use pallets to block the supermarket doors to prevent his victims from escaping. He also names the co-workers he plans to kill, explaining where he hopes to find each of them in the store.”
He also makes several references to “conflict over his gender identity,” stating in his videos that he’s “a girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body for two and a half decades, and I need to get the hell out.”  He also claims he would “dress as a woman” when his parents were out and “secretly wanted a sex change operation.”
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  1. Transgender people suffer from a form of mental sickness – to try to redefine reality based on their perception of life is a radical mistake, to say the least.
    They deserve compassion and support, but not more than a crippled person does.
    The attempt of trying to cure dysphoria with physical treatment (hormones/surgery) only proves that our society is itself not very wise, creating more problems to solve a relatively smaller one (socially speaking).

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