Oregon H.B. 2673 (USA)

On May 31, 2017 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed H.B. 2673, a bill that “(c)reates alternative process for persons seeking to change name on vital record for purpose of affirming gender identity.”  The new law, which will take effect next year, allows individuals seeking to change the name or sex on their vital records to do so without making such changes public.

The law also specifies the “state registrar may not amend a record of live birth to change the name of an applicant under subsection (3)(a)(B) or the sex of an applicant under subsection (3)(b)(B) of this section more than once” and “allows court cases involving gender identity changes on birth records to be sealed,” meaning they are inaccessible to the public.

While we support the rights of trans-identified individuals to legally change their names, we also believe individuals who have been convicted of violent crimes, particularly sex crimes, should never be granted a legal name change.  The legal system should not be used by convicted violent felons and convicted sex offenders to hide their criminal pasts.

H.B. 2673 — May 31, 2017

Oregon shields birth record changes for transgender people — The Register-Guard