In May of 2010 Bradley Manning, who now identifies as a woman named Chelsea and who was recently released from prison, struck his female superior, Jihrleah Showman, leaving a welt on her face.  According to Showman, “He had punched me in the face, unprovoked, and displayed an uncontrollable behavior that was deemed untrustworthy at the time.”  This incident is reported to be one of several violent outbursts which led to Manning’s demotion from Specialist to Private.
According to chat logs from conversations with former hacker Adrian Lamo, who later turned Manning in:
(01:45:18 PM) bradass87: i punched a dyke in the phace…
(01:45:22 PM) [email protected] lol
(01:45:43 PM) bradass87: half the S2 shop was at least bi
(01:45:57 PM) [email protected] you know this personal-like? ; )
(01:46:05 PM) bradass87: it was all female
(01:46:10 PM) [email protected] ah
(01:46:46 PM) bradass87: i got sick of these dykes and their drama… it was worse than “The L Word”…
The ACLU conveniently excludes these details from Manning’s case timeline.

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