Jessiqua Kat Valentine

Jessiqua Kat Valentine is a male who identifies as a woman. In 2013, when he was 16, he faced opposition from girls at Florence High School in Florence, Colorado, when he sought access to girls’ facilities, as the girls complained that they did not want a male in their private space.
Transgender activists railed against this blog and other pro-women activists who publicized this case, saying that Valentine should not be “outed.”
Valentine, of course, famously appeared in a local news report about the case (i.e., outed himself), and also publicized the case on his own Facebook page, as the screenshot from 2013 shows above (original can be viewed here).
Valentine appears to have started the chemical castration process in March 2017, according to his Instagram account. He also has a YouTube channel featuring him playing the accordion and talking, sounding like the male he is. Some of his videos have in excess of 45,000 views. His Twitter dates from 2012 and includes lots of happy high school tweets like this:Capture
News Account of Valentine discussing his bathroom battle: Statute change and lawsuit shape gender identity policy in Color – KOAA