Meyer v. University of Iowa (USA)



A Polk County, Iowa jury awarded Jane Meyer, a former associate athletics director at the University of Iowa $1.43 million in her discrimination lawsuit against the UI, the Board of Regents, and the state.  According to Meyer’s attorneys, “[t]he jury found in favor of Meyer on all five of her claims: gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, retaliation, equal pay violation and whistleblower violation.”

Meyer, who served as the associate athletic director at UI from 2001 to 2014 claims she was first reassigned and subsequently terminated after she complained about the firing of Tracy Griesbaum in August 2014.  She also claims the department created a new position (which she was told she was ineligible for) that encompassed many of her duties at a salary $70,000 higher than the salary she was making.

Meyer’s attorneys plan to file post-trial motions seeking either the reinstatement of her position in the athletic department at the University of Iowa, or payment for all lost wages and benefits until she reaches retirement.

University of Iowa must pay $1.4 million to Jane Meyer — The Gazette