Bryan Pruitt @CapitalPrideDC (USA)

Capital Pride recently asked their volunteer executive producer, Bryan Pruitt, to resign following accusations of “transphobia” from a group called No Justice No Pride over a blog post Pruitt published in May 2016.
In his cautionary criticism of “the gay left” titled “Grabbing Defeat from the Jaws of Victory” Pruitt wrote, “If a Clinton defeat comes to pass, the powers that be need look no further than the LGBT community for where to lay the blame.”  Pruitt also opined, “There is not an epidemic of trans people being denied access to public facilities. Trans people safely use bathrooms every day, mostly because if they are truly trans, other folks don’t even notice.”  
Although Pruitt had been a volunteer at Capital Pride for two years and had “shown nothing but consideration and respect to everyone,” executive director Ryan Bos requested Pruitt’s resignation because “an article he wrote has a statement that is insensitive and offensive to many.”  Because apparently years of volunteer community service doesn’t matter if you express an “insensitive” or “phobic” opinion on the internet.
Unsurprisingly, activists from No Justice No Pride are unsatisfied, claiming “Pruitt’s dismissal is just the beginning of a wave of change that will soon sweep Capital Pride,” and also threatening to “continue to apply pressure to Capital Pride.”

Capital Pride fires executive producer for transphobic blog post —