Month: May 2017

Facebook's Leaked Guidelines @facebook


Facebook’s leaked guidelines offer insight into the codes and rules used by Facebook moderators to determine what content is allowed to…

Tammy Lynn Felbaum (USA)


Tammy Lynn Felbaum is a 58-year-old man that identifies as a woman. He served prison time in the Westmoreland County…

This Week in Transgenderism

By Rowan Feldhaus  Blatt v. Cabela’s (the Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit); see also here. Blatt v. Cabela’s Opinion  

Rowan Feldhaus @feministlady @ghoulhalf


Rowan Feldhaus was a woman who identified as a man. She died from septic shock after having a hysterectomy. Although…

This Week In Transgenderism #ChelseaIsFree

By   Still No Arrest In Killing Of Kenneth Bostick, Transgender Man Widely Misgendered In Reports _ Village Voice Join…

Rodney (Shiloh) Quine @TransLawCenter (USA)


Rodney Quine, a man who identifies as a woman named Shiloh Heavenly, is a convicted murderer who became the first U.S….

Brenda (Kenneth) Bostick (USA)


Brenda Bostick, who identified as a transgender man named Kenneth, was found unconscious in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood after having been struck…

Carly Lehwald (USA)


Carly Lehwald is a heterosexual man who identifies as a woman.  He was previously featured on ABC Family’s show “Becoming Us,”…

Chelsea (Bradley) Manning (USA)


Bradley Manning, who identifies as a transgender woman named Chelsea, is set to be released from prison next week as…

Meyer v. University of Iowa (USA)


  A Polk County, Iowa jury awarded Jane Meyer, a former associate athletics director at the University of Iowa $1.43…