The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) printed the following retraction in the Spring 2017 issue of their magazine, the Intelligence Report:
RETRACTION In the Summer 2015 issue of the Intelligence Report, we reported that Cathy Brennan was removed in 2012 as liaison to the American Bar Association’s Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. This report was not accurate; Ms. Brennan was not a member of this American Bar Association Committee in 2012, having served a one-year term from 2008-2009. We deeply regret this error. In the same story, we reported that Ms. Brennan “outed [a transgender] student to school officials by revealing his female birth name.” Ms. Brennan disputes this and claims that the student published his “female birth name” on his Facebook and Tumblr pages, which Ms. Brennan only became aware of after this person repeatedly contacted Ms. Brennan.
Intelligence Report (Spring 2017) — SPLC