Cathy Brennan is a Fake Goth (Internet)

Cathy Brennan is a Fake Goth” is a meme circulating the internet since early 2016.  According to this article, published in April 2016, “on her Twitter, she has “goth” in her bio. From what I understand, at some point someone said she was a fake goth, most likely in response to Brennan’s stance that trans women are fake women.”
Since then, internet users who don’t know Brennan, but who disagree with some things she’s said online, have regurgitated this meme hundreds of times.  People have updated their Facebook statuses, posted the meme to Twitter, reblogged it on Tumblr, and shared it elsewhere on the internet.  Several especially dedicated individuals have employed their subpar photo editing skills to create sharable graphics, and one even created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of perpetuating this meme.

 Memes are created for the purpose of spreading an idea quickly, “often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior.”  While some memes seek to make fun of an idea or specific action and have the potential to be hilarious and relatable, the “fake goth” meme seeks to single out and ridicule, and invalidate an individual.  It does not address Brennan’s political views or activism, but instead attacks Brennan as a person in an attempt to intimidate or silence — we refer to this as harassment.
Further, this meme amplifies the voices of men’s rights activists and rape apologists, who have perpetuated the use of intimidation, stalking, harassment, and other silencing tactics as “activism.”  These men are lashing out at women who disagree with their absurd assertion that men can be women (and therefore lesbians) if they identify as such.  They say, “fake goth” but what they mean is “TERF” or “mean lesbian who won’t agree with me and give me what I want.”
They’re lashing out at Brennan, hoping that the rest of us who disagree with their garbage politics  will be too intimidated to speak out.  They’re hoping we’ll stay silent while they redefine “woman” and “lesbian” to include and prioritize men who wish to identify as such.  This is misogyny, disguised as “activism,” aimed at forcing women to accept their version of “reality” (in which penis is female, LOL NOPE) over our own.
Following is just a sample of the work trans “activists” are doing to bring awareness to fake goths…
In response to the meme, lesbian feminists have realized that Facebook’s abuse reporting system will delete and ban users that post targeted harassment. The result has been that hundreds of transgender activists have lots their Facebook accounts. They continue posting the meme because they believe it causes Brennan pain. What they fail to realize is that Brennan is a 46-year-old woman who does not care what mentally ill and delusional people say about her online. The game, for us, is reporting as many abusive trans activists as possible to get them removed from social media platforms.

3 thoughts on “Cathy Brennan is a Fake Goth (Internet)”

  1. Your strength in making it through this really inspires me.
    In regards to these people, there’s a saying that comes to mind: “the pot drips of what it contains.” What this means is that these people are dripping of misery, they’re putting it on you and others, but that’s because that’s what they’re filled with. It’s sad. Instead of addressing their issues and becoming healthy and happy people, they treat you and others with disrespect. That’s the wrong way to go and it won’t help them at all. But, it won’t help you or others, either. At least you’re not walking around filled with that sort of misery, though. When I encounter people like this, that’s the one reassurance I have — no matter how they behave towards me, at least I don’t have that misery in me like they do. So, the instant I’m not around them anymore, I’m not subjected to that misery. But, they don’t have that luxury. Wherever they go, that misery is right there — because it’s inside of them. For them, there’s no escape.
    Well, I can’t make these people go away, sadly. But, I can applaud your strength in dealing with them. Knowing that someone else has stood up to these people makes me feel stronger, should I face them in my own life. Thank you for that. You’re making a difference for the better — even if these people are too caught up in their own misery to notice it.

  2. What’s so hilarious about this (apart from the fact that “fake goth” is an utterly flaccid attempt at an insult) is that it is not possible to be a fake goth. There are no objective criteria for being goth.
    It is still possible, though, to be a fake woman.

  3. I love Cathy so much! She has such an integrity and generosity, and she’s such an inspiration for all lesbians! ?
    Thanks Cathy for being this wonderful person that you are. Love ya! ? ❤️

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