Kimya Dawson @mrskimyadawson (USA)

15826838_10155202944723132_4804468997222170194_nKimya Dawson is an anti-lesbian musician with ties to Olympia, Washington. Dawson recently engaged in online harassment of Cathy Brennan in connection with anti-lesbian bashing that occurred in Olympia, Washington as described in this video.

When Dawson was confronted by Brennan over her harassing comments, Dawson said she did not intend to threaten Brennan.

In a 180-reversal, Dawson subsequently authored a blog post in which she pledges allegiance to men’s rights activists and disavows lesbians. You can read this screed here – hello-is-it-me-youre-looking-for_-%e2%80%a2-well-a-thing-happened-where-i-was-targeted-online



2 thoughts on “Kimya Dawson @mrskimyadawson (USA)

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  2. If this is the TERF rationale.. for believing Kimya Dawson could be anti-lesbian.. You’ve completely lost your collective shit.. The repeated redefinition of terms to attempt to align us with our adversaries.. Is really pretty pathetic.. You redefine Feminism as being for “women born women” only when the majority of feminists tell you your definition is wrong. You put in writing that she “disavows lesbians” when there is nothing in that screenshot that implies anything like it. Call us men.. Trans women have heard it.. Imply we want to lesbians to suck our dicks if it makes you feel better about your self.. but for fucks sake.. try to hold on to at least a little bit of the logic and dignity you are throwing in the dumpster and actually verbally scrap with somebody who has signed up for it.. Nobody is going to believe Kimya Dawson is anti-trans OR anti-lesbian.. By ANY definition.. except of course.. other TERFS.

    P.S. do your worst at releasing information about me to the internet.. Like Cathy.. I put it ALL there myself.

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