Child ordered to stop wearing "girls' clothes" (Canada)

In December 2015, a judge issued an order barring a male 4-year old child from wearing “what was clearly female clothing in public,” while allowing the child’s mother to remain the primary caregiver.  The father,  who filed for primary custody upon learning the mother had allowed the child to wear “either male, female or gender neutral clothing” and “to go by a female name,” appealed the decision.  In February 2016, a second judge upheld the clothing restriction and granted the father primary custody of the child.  In September a third judge overturned the clothing restriction, saying “The child must be provided with male and female clothing and be allowed to choose what to wear.”
According to the child’s mother, the orders have had a negative impact on the child, alleging “[w]hen my child was removed and placed with Dad, they internalised it and took it like they did something wrong.  They were being bad because the judge doesn’t like them to be a girl.”  She plans to file a complaint demanding “better train[ing] on gender identity,” in hopes that “it would prevent other families going through the same experience.”

Canada order barring child from wearing girls’ clothes prompts call for change — The Guardian