"Feral Pines Revenge Coven" (USA)

On the evening of December 8th an anonymous group calling themselves the “Feral Pines Revenge Coven” affiliated with the anarchist site itsgoingdown.org put superglue in the locks of the Rainbow Bakery in Bloomington, IN. The group’s actions were in response to treatment that transwoman Feral Pines allegedly received while working there before moving to Oakland. Feral Pines died in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, CA on December 2nd and this act was meant as a sort of revenge for his treatment during his life. The alleged mistreatment at Rainbow Bakery involved owners Matt Tobey and Lisa Dorazewski paying Feral Pines a “shitty training wage” and cutting his hours down to zero after he called out for a week due to a mental breakdown.

Rainbow Bakery has only expressed condolences regarding the death of Feral Pines and posted this statement to their Facebook page after needing to close due to the glue in their doorknobs.


The anarchists end their statement with this threat to the Rainbow Bakery, “Rainbow Bakery fucked with the Troll Queen, and now they will pay. This bit of sabotage is only a taste of what is to come for you goofy-ass muppet motherfuckers. We are going to destroy your business. Nothing will fucking stop us.”

Rainbow Bakery Sabotaged for Feral Pines — Bloomington, IN