e3 Civic High School (USA)

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against San Diego’s e3 Civic High School, alleging “the charter school denied admission to a transgender student because of gender identity.”  According to the lawsuit, Helen Griffith, executive director of e3 Civic High, met with Mayra Velazquez and her child, a 15-year-old transgender girl who was seeking admission at e3 Civic High in October 2015.  “Griffith declined to admit Velazquez’s daughter, claiming there was no space at the school and allegedly placing her on a waiting list,” although the ACLU claims e3 Civic High was “at least 70 students under its enrollment capacity” and that “[t]he charter subsequently admitted another student who was not transgender.”
ACLU sues charter claiming transgender student denied admission — The San Diego Union-Tribune

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  1. Does the transgender student still have a penis?
    What about the privacy of the other students?
    Why does anyone think it’s okay for people with different genitalia to use the same facilities? So what do we need ANY privacy anywhere?
    It’s not about gender, It is about SEX.

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