Doe v. Arrisi, et al. (USA)

A New Jersey transwoman, identified in the complaint as Jane Doe, has filed a lawsuit seeking to amend the state’s requirement that an individual undergo sexual reassignment surgery (“SRS”) before receiving an altered birth certificate reflecting the individual’s “gender identity or expression.”  According to the complaint, “The Statute’s requirement harms Plaintiff by forcing her to undergo surgery that she does not want and forces Plaintiff to sterilize herself before she is allowed a correct birth certificate.”  The suit further alleges discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), claiming that gender dysphoria (“GD”) “is a disability within the meaning of the ADA in that it substantially impairs one or more major life activities,” and that the “Defendants’ actions under the Statute discriminate against those trans people diagnosed with GD who have not undergone SRS as the Statute refuses accurate identification documents, a benefit provided to those individuals who are not trans people diagnosed with GD.”

Julie Chovanes of Trans-Help, one of the attorneys representing Doe, recently settled a similar case filed in the state of Pennsylvania seeking to eliminate the requirement for SRS in order to receive an altered birth certificate.

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