Calgaro v. St Louis County, et al. (USA)

On November 15, Minnesota resident Anmarie Calgaro filed a lawsuit against St Louis County, several nonprofits, and others, including J.D.K., her 17-year-old son who identifies as transgender.  Ms. Calgaro’s complaint alleges “Minnesota common law allows for the emancipation of minor children. However, while the law provides no distinct process for emancipation, there is no process for a parent to protect their fundamental parental rights to make decisions concerning the care, custody and control of their children.”  While J.D.K. is considered an emancipated minor in St Louis County, the complaint emphasizes that “[t]he letter of emancipation J.D.K. obtained from a legal aid service agency is not a court order.“  Ms. Calgaro alleges she has subsequently been denied access to her child’s school and medical records, and that under Minnesota’s “emancipation law” she “has no statutory or common law cause of action to (1) challenge Defendant St. Louis County Public Health and Human Service’s eligibility determination to pay for and/or approve payment of J.D.K.’s medical services at Park Nicollet and Fairview without parental consent, nor (2) to challenge Defendants Park Nicollet’s and Fairview’s determination of emancipation of J.D.K. to provide medical services without parental consent.”  Ms. Calgaro is seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, a jury trial, and damages in excess of $50,000 for violation of her federal due process rights and “loss of wages, personal injury and emotional distress.”
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Calgaro v. St Louis County, et al. (USA) — complaint