Prescott v. Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego (USA)

The National Center for Lesbian Rights, along with the Transgender Law Center and several other attorneys, have filed a lawsuit against Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego (“RCHSD”) on behalf of Katharine Prescott and her deceased child, seeking “to recover damages for the harms done to her and her deceased son, and for injunctive relief so that in the future RCHSD will provide appropriate, nondiscriminatory care to all of its patients, regardless of sex, gender identity, and/or disability.”  Kyler Prescott, a 15-year-old who identified as a transgender boy, committed suicide on May 18, 2015, less than two months after “Katharine took Kyler to be seen at … RCHSD for suicidal ideation related to his gender dysphoria and to treat serious self-inflicted lacerations.”  The lawsuit alleges “RCHSD discriminated against Kyler, resulting in his inability to access necessary services and treatment during a dire medical crisis,” and “further alleges that the use of female references exacerbated his condition and that he thereafter had further difficulties and ultimately committed suicide.”
Transgender Teenager’s Death Leads to ACA § 1557 Discrimination Suit Against Hospital — The National Law Review
Prescott v Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego (USA) — Complaint

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  1. Wasn’t the child already suicidal and only at the hospital for one day, more than six weeks before the suicide? This seems either very sad or very cynical. The child was obviously suffering from problems much deeper than being misgendered on one occasion.

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