Broussard v. First Tower Loan (USA)

Judge Carl J Barbier has denied a motion to alter, amend, or reconsider order staying Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions’ (“EEOC”) claims in Broussard v First Tower Loans.  Tristan Broussard, a woman who identifies as a transgender man, asserts that First Tower Loans Vice President David Morgan “gave Broussard a copy of the company’s dress code for female employees and informed Broussard that the company would require him to dress as female.”  Broussard was also allegedly presented with and asked to sign a written statement expressing that “Broussard’s ‘preference to act and dress as male’” was not in compliance with the company’s personnel policies.  After refusing to sign the statement, Broussard’s employment was terminated.  The Court denied EEOC’s motion, and further ordered a modification of the discretionary stay of EEOC’s claims as follows: “The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s claims are stayed pending completion of the arbitration between Tristan Broussard and First Tower Loan, LLC within six months from the date of this order, unless good cause be shown for an extension. The parties shall advise the Court in writing upon completion of the arbitration.”
Broussard v. First Tower Loan, LLC,