Ricky Chaperon/Synthia Kavanagh (Canada)


In 2003, the Federal Court of Canada ruled in this decision that a male may be moved to a women’s prison facility and receive government-funded sex reassignment surgery (“SRS”) and hormone therapy if he identifies as a woman.  Ricky Chaperon, a male who identifies as a woman named Synthia Kavanagh, was serving a 25-year sentence “for the 1987 hammer slaying of a transsexual prostitute in Toronto” when he won this landmark ruling.  Following the court’s decision, Kavanagh was transferred to a women’s unit and received SRS, all at taxpayer expense.  In 2005, Kavanagh “allegedly trashed the Edmonton’s women’s prison, fought off guards and threatened the lives of others” and was subsequently moved to a segregated women’s facility in Kitchener, Ontario.

The Transgender Inmate Experience_ Synthia Kavanagh Human Rights Case

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  1. This is a creepy picture. It’s obvious that a) he’s not a woman and b) that he’s a creep. Appearance isn’t everything but let’s face it, it says a lot…

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