The high court in London has just sided with a teenager, referred to as “PD,” in a case seeking to end all contact with the teen’s adoptive parents.  PD, who identifies as a transgender boy, was adopted at the age of six, and was referred to the Tavistock gender clinic at the age of fourteen.   Both parents struggled with PD’s decision to identify as transgender, and to PD’s “great annoyance and distress” would not use their child’s new chosen name.  “The upshot is that he, at 16 years of age, has decided to completely disengage from family life with them,” said The Hon Mr Justice Keehan, who denied the parents’ request to receive quarterly updates regarding their child’s health and welfare. “Like the parents, I very much hope the time will come when a reconciliation is effected between PD and the parents. In my judgment, however, the surest way of seeking to secure that outcome is to respect PD’s current wishes and feelings.”  PD is currently living with foster parents.
Court rules transgender teenager can cut off contact with adoptive parents _ Law _ The Guardian