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Autumn Sandeen is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He is currently waging a campaign against Cathy Brennan, who he claims produced this video:

Sandeen apparently is unaware that Cathy Brennan very publicly does not support so-called bathroom laws, as documented here.
Nevertheless, Sandeen seems content to stoke abuse against a lesbian. When Brennan told Sandeen that he was mistaken via a Facebook post, Sandeen simply blocked her so he would not have to face any consequences for his lies.

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  1. This is correct. I have seen Cathy Brennan argue that bathroom laws would be used to discriminate against gender nonconforming women (such as butch lesbians). Such laws could also be used to harass people of non-European extraction, because of fears about the presence of non-USA citizens in the country.
    Public bathrooms are not, historically, venues that require any identification be provided. When making arguments to instate legislation that will increase police powers, it is always worth considering possible backlash.

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