3 thoughts on “Ada J. Wells Nathanael Abbotts @adajwells (UK)”

  1. It seems to me that this whole confection of nonsense has taken a turn for the very much worse. Men like this are not even pretending to be women any more. They’re just saying ‘I identify as a woman and you have to accept it.’ We don’t even know if these men fit into the typology defined by Blanchard, of Homosexual Transsexual (HSTS) and Autogynephile (AGP), which are at least recognised scientifically. They just SAY they are women, and we are supposed to buy this. It’s a patent nonsense, and another clear demonstration of the profoundly illiberal nature of ‘Identity Politics’.
    There is no doubt that these men are dangerous, not only to individual women, but to the general trend of rolling back the massive oppression against women that the patriarchy imposes. They are men who feel iunable to achieve their goals in men’s spaces, so instead they colonise women’s and, like the cuckoo chick in the nest, overpower and kill the competition. They are attempting to colonise not only women’s physical spaces but also women’s political ones. Where are we going? A future Prime Minister who is a ‘woman’ but actually is a man? Alll the lead speakers at women’s conferences being men? I support propotional gender representation in all decision making — ie, 53% women. Are we to allow men to be a part — even a majority — of that of that 53%? It’s a mockery.
    I can see it now: ‘Oh yes, women can have all the representation they want, as long as they are actually men — and for the rest of you, back in the kitchen’. Far from being a liberalising trend, it is profoundly illiberal and misogynist. It is the patriarchy at work, and it’s not even being subtle about it.

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