Tate v. Wexford Health Source (USA)

Carl Tate, a male who identifies as a woman, who is currently an inmate at Centralia Correctional Center (“Centralia”), has filed a complaint against Wexford Health Source Inc. and employees at Centralia, Western Illinois Correctional Center, and the Illinois Department of Corrections (“IDOC”), seeking monetary and injunctive relief.  The complaint alleges that Tate has been diagnosed by several psychiatrists as transgender, and that “the approved treatment for dysphoria patients consists of hormone therapy, ‘real life experience of living as a member of the opposite sex,’ and sex reassignment surgery.”  The complaint also alleges that when Tate requested sexual reassignment surgery, staff responded  that “IDOC does not pay for such treatment and that she will have to wait until she is released from prison before she is able to receive reassignment surgery.”  Tate has also filed a motion for appointment of counsel.  On February 18, United States District Judge Nancy J Rosenstengel issued a memorandum splitting the complaint into 5 counts, denying Tate’s request for counsel, and referring the entire case to United States Magistrate Judge Donald G Wilkerson.

Tate Opinion.