Michael A. Jones, who provides an alias of Latrina Marie Lopez, is an Interstate Corrections Compact (“ICC”) inmate who was transferred to the Maryland DPSCS from Ohio.  From the court’s opinion:
“Jones alleges that she is a transgender woman incarcerated in a male correctional facility, North Branch Correctional Institution (“NBCI”). Jones claims she has identified as female since the age of eleven and “contemplates suicide daily.” Jones asserts that she tried to hide her true self and feelings, but felt compelled to reveal her feelings in September 2015. Jones alleges that the suicidal thoughts have become more prominent because her requests to prison medical staff for hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery have been ignored. Jones alleges she wrote to several officials and staff members at NCBI requesting a copy of any existing policy and procedure in place regarding transgender inmates, but Jones never received a response. Jones alleges her request to wear women’s clothing and cosmetics was denied by a social worker who cited security concerns. Further, Jones claims she requested to receive counseling for her feelings of disgust with her body as well as suicidal thoughts and depression, but never received a response. Jones also claims she tried to ask for an explanation regarding why a female officer has not been assigned to conduct her strip searches, but she received no response. Jones asserts that Bruce Liller, acting chief psychologist at NBCI, has denied Jones’s request to be evaluated for GID.
Lastly, Jones requested to be placed in protective custody. Jones alleges that, during her incarceration, she has repeatedly been sexually assaulted by her cellmates once they discovered that she is transgendered. Jones claims that from June 2, 2015 through July 2, 2015, she was raped and beaten by her cellmate. Jones claims to have been victimized by other inmates. When Jones was denied protective custody and assigned another cellmate, she states she cut her wrist. Jones states that gender reassignment surgery, together with a transfer to a women’s prison, is required to both address the dangers she faces and the issue of her gender dysphoria.”
Jones sought injunctive relief to be placed in protective custody remedy his alleged abuse. The court denied it.
Jones v. John Doe et al