In Re Sandoval (USA)

The Fourth Court of Appeals has issued a new opinion in a case that is currently pending before the Texas Supreme Court.  The case involves Dino Villarreal, a female who identifies as a man, who is suing Sandra Sandoval for parental rights of her two adopted children following the couple’s 2011 break-up.  According to the COA, Villarreal did not have standing at the time the suit was filed (December  2013) because the Order Granting Change of Identity was not signed until January 3, 2014, after the suit was filed.  In its new opinion, the COA states, “The Order Granting Change of Identity is a recognized form of proof of Dino’s identity and age for the purpose of obtaining a marriage license. It may also be sufficient to acknowledge Dino’s legal status as a man. However, we need not reach such a conclusion in this case because, even if considered a man from birth for legal purposes, Dino’s status as a man is not sufficient to confer statutory standing as, “a man whose paternity of the child is to be adjudicated.” TEX. FAM. CODE ANN. § 160.602(a)(3). If all that was required for standing was to be a man, then any man could maintain a suit to adjudicate parentage to any child. We do not believe that to be what the Texas Legislature intended.”

Lafferty v. Fairfax County Public Schools (USA)

A Circuit Court judge in Virginia’s Fairfax County has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the school board’s decision to add gender identity and sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policies.  The lawsuit, which comes from Andrea Lafferty, head of the Traditional Values Coalition and an unnamed student, argues that the Virginia General Assembly has never given school boards the authority to add such protections for their students and staff.  Lafferty and her lawyers claim their case was wrongfully dismissed, and are planning to appeal the judge’s decision.
Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging LGBTQ protections for schoolchildren – The Washington Post

Smith v. U Haul (USA)

Annah Kaye Smith, a male who identifies as female, has filed a lawsuit against U-Haul after allegedly experiencing discrimination at the company’s Gresham, OR location.  According to Smith, there were three vans parked outside of the Gresham store, but the employee refused to rent any of them, saying the reservation had been transferred to a different location.   Smith also says, “Like his tone was just like, very kind of forceful, like, I want you not to be here and I’m going do what I can to get you out of here as quick as I can.” Smith claims to suffer anxiety as a result of the incident and is seeking $75,000 from U-Haul in damages.
Transgender woman files $75,000 lawsuit claiming biased employee wouldn’t rent to her _ OregonLive

Charlotte City Council @NotInCharlotte #DontDoItCharlotte (USA)

The Charlotte City (North Carolina) Council is set to expand the city nondiscrimination ordinance to include protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. During the fall elections, at least eight of 11 council members said they would support expanding the ordinance for LGBT residents. It takes a majority of six council members to pass the ordinance.
Mecklenburg County has had similar protections since 2013.
Council sets LGBT vote for Feb

#HB1008 @SDGovDaugaard (USA)

The South Dakota Legislature approved House Bill 1008, which prohibits students from using the bathroom that does not correspond to their biological sex. The measure grew out of over-broad legislation and policy that requires school districts to “accommodate” the feelings of a person who “feels like” the opposite sex. This wrong-headed policy has been championed by the Obama administration’s Department of Education, which has twisted the meaning of Title IX beyond all recognition.
Transgender bathroom bill awaits Daugaard’s signature
HB 1008

Mayberry v. Dismas Charities (USA)

Latoya Mayberry
Latoya Mayberry, formerly called Jermaine Thornton, is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He is suing a halfway house for being sexually assaulted by the other formerly incarcerated Men also housed there.
Thorton has a history of criminality as well as litigious behavior, losing a lawsuit (Thornton v. Sosseii) in 2008 after claiming a prison guard harassed him.
Mayberry Lawsuit
Transgender woman lodged in all-male halfway house sues Dismas o – WDRB 41 Louisville News

Ramos v. Lynch (USA)

Jaime Ramos, a transgender woman from El Salvador, won an appeal of a denial of asylum based on the Board of Immigration Appeals’ failure to to consider Ramos’s argument that she will likely be persecuted or tortured if removed to El Salvador because she is a transgender woman. Ramos clearly asserted her gender identity as a basis for relief distinct from her sexual orientation. The immigration judge improperly conflated Ramos’s gender identity and sexual orientation. Although the BIA acknowledged that Ramos is transgender, its opinion offers no indication that it actually considered whether she is entitled to withholding or CAT relief as a result. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit remanded the case to the BIA to conduct further proceedings necessary to consider this claim.
Ramos v. Lynch