Jim Tomes @SenJimTomes & Senate Bill 2 (USA)

Indiana Republican Senator Jim Tomes as proposed a bill that would make it a crime for transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms that do not conform to their sex at birth. Other states, including Florida, have proposed similar measures in the past.
Gender Identity Watch opposes these bills because they harm gender nonconforming Women and Girls by subjecting them to arrest. You can watch Cathy Brennan discuss this here.
Indiana bill targets bathroom use by transgender people – Chicago Tribune
Senate Bill 2

4 thoughts on “Jim Tomes @SenJimTomes & Senate Bill 2 (USA)”

  1. The public bathroom question is different from the other sex-segregated space issues in that public bathroom use does not normally require documented identification, so legislating around this does create more than one sort of potential for harassment. Another example would be targeting of Hispanic people in border states.

  2. The law will do noting because many post opp trans woman will continue if it has a penis men’s room the problem with these laws is if you don’t look feminine enough you may be subject to prove you are a woman as we seen in one case a female was put out by force from a place because they thought she was a transgender person so panty checks an law suits to follow

    1. Yes, that’s exactly the problem. When you bring the law into questions about “perceived gender,” it is a mistake to think they will target misbehaving “white” men, when it’s traditional for the police to target POC and nonconforming women as much as they do anyone. Men performing femininity and wanting to use women’s facilities may just go right by them as “women.”

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