Ruth Selwyn @LizzytheLezzy and Terry the Trans (Israel)


Ruth Selwyn is an Israeli-based lesbian who runs the Lizzy the Lezzy series. She apparently created a page called “Terry the Trans” to “support” the transgender community. She removed the page when the Transgender community objected.



3 thoughts on “Ruth Selwyn @LizzytheLezzy and Terry the Trans (Israel)

    • Because they don’t need someone who can’t even understand the struggle to make a fucking page acting like someone who knows the struggle.

      • I certainly agree with you there. If Ruth understood the fundamental politics of this she would have seen how the very language with which we can discuss our oppression is being systematically erased by the transgendered movement, a male orientated, male run movement in fundamental opposition to the interests of women, and she would never have made the page.

        Oh, that isn’t what you meant, dude? Whatever.

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