New York City (USA)

Employers must use transgender people’s preferred pronouns under the New York City Human Rights Law. The New York City Commission on Human Rights issued new guidelines to protect transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers in employment, public accommodations and housing. Under the city’s Human Rights Law, landlords, employers and businesses must refer to transgender people using their preferred pronouns. Transgender people must also have access to bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. The New York City Commission on Human Rights also warns that dress codes can be discriminatory.
New York City Guidelines

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  1. Ack. I read this a bit at a time, and it consistently is insane. This should be shared everywhere, this is precedent setting. Thanks for your good work, Cathy.

    1. Does not matter how we perceive one if they have changed thier name an gender legaly under the law they are legaly why they are we can perceive different but the law is the law noting insane about that would be lik address in a divorce ed worm by her old married name if she s hanged back she is no longer the married name legaly

  2. Cathy, how is it not a first amendment violation to legally penalize people for referring to people with pronouns that are commonly used for their actual sex?

      1. The answer is if they have legaly changed n a me an gender then they are legaly in titled to the proper pronouns if they have not legaly changed then they are not in titled

    1. Is not insane if one has legaly transitioned you would expect to be referred to by you’re legal statis now if they have no legal name and gender change then that would be in same

  3. Perceived gender does not give a person the right to spew hate as the case in Ohio a female was perceived to be a trans woman was thrown out of a place she looked like a dude she was female now she is suiting the place hope she wins a million dollars but that is the danger of missgender in

  4. does this mean a non-binary person can bring a suit against any facility that provides bathrooms for only Men and Women? Are public NYC schools lacking non-binary sports teams liable for human rights abuse? serious questions for the NYC govt based on the wording from the link

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