Roy A. Mitchell Jr., also known as “Mrs. Thang,” “Chocolate” and “Lisa,” is a registered sex offender convicted of sexual enticement of a child in 2010 – this means he had sex with a child:
948.07(1) Child enticement. Whoever, with intent to commit any of the following acts, causes or attempts to cause any child who has not attained the age of 18 years to go into any vehicle, building, room or secluded place is guilty of a Class D felony:
(1) Having sexual contact or sexual intercourse with the child in violation of s. 948.02, 948.085, or 948.095.
Mitchell is the latest transgender darling touted by media because he alleges he suffered maltreatment while incarcerated. He is a regular litigant, suing now-retired Dane County Sgt. Carl Koehler for equal protection violations (now dismissed) and for hormones. Mitchell is currently in jail for beating up a man.
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